We’ve Made it To The TOP !

How My Journey To The Top Begins

I’ve been participating in the Wedding Portraits Photographer International (WPPI) online competition since 2011. I was thrilled when I managed to get 8 Awards of Excellence in the WPPI First Half and Second Half competitions in 2011.
After that glorifying year, besides gaining confidence in my work, I’ve set a higher goal for myself—that is to achieve better results in my next competitions.

The ‘push’ that made me want to go further and higher

But, luck was not on my side the following year and the year after that (perhaps, it’s not just luck). I guess one needs to always work harder to achieve higher goals. So when none of my submission passed the score of 80 (in 2012 and 2013) I was devastated. But, I couldn’t allow myself to give up.
 So, began my journey of learning and improvements. I studied the techniques of other photographers. Did a lot of researches and experiments on post-processing and shooting styles. I’ve tried ways to fine-tune my work alongside with my teammates.

Fast forward to mid of this year – The WPPI First Half Competition 2014

The results of WPPI First Half Competition 2014 were announced around the end of last month. I still recalled when I received the results that it was in the middle of the night (I was attending a teammate’s birthday celebration). When I saw that I’ve scored 2 SILVER AWARDS (out of my 7 submissions), I wasn’t that happy. That was not my target. I tried comforting myself and resolved to simply try harder next time.

About two weeks ago, I was awoken by several incoming messages from Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger from friends congratulating me. Still groggy from my sleep I didn’t realized what’s going on. So I did a checked on the official link. I was stunned and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I practically stared at my phone for countless moments with my sleep-addled brain. My 2 Silver Awards submissions have won the 1st and 2nd placing in different categories (Wedding Journalism and Wedding Details).

Endless sweats and sleepless nights finally paid off

My hard work and determination had finally paid off. The excellent result attained and the sense of satisfaction felt was truly priceless (except maybe for the sleepless nights and countless beers…HaHa!). Frankly, I feel really blessed and honored that I’ve made a name for myself at the top of the world’s recognized photography association. This has given me an even bigger motivation and confidence to work harder for my true passion in photography.

Heartiest congratulations to all winners. Let’s all do better for next competition.

Asia Top 30 Photographer – Signature Wedding
Top 10 Photographer Of The Year 2014 – WPPA
WPPI 1st Half Competition 2014 – 1st Place Wedding Photojournalism
WPPI 1st Half Competition 2014 – 2nd Place Wedding Details
WPPA Print Competition 2014 – 1st Place Non Wedding Category

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