Wedding Celebration Of : Mei Ying & Jonathan | City Harvest KL | Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Chief Photographer : Alex Tan
Senior Photographer : Michael Tan
Make Up Artist : Alice Loh
Wedding Planner & Decoration : Mint Events & Soirées
Church : City Harvest KL
Hotel : Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Asia Top 30 Photographer – Signature Wedding
Top 10 Photographer Of The Year 2014 – WPPA
Top 10 Malaysia Wedding Photographer 2014 –
Master Photographer Association -MPA
WPPI 1st Half Competition 2014 – 1st Place Wedding Photojournalism
WPPI 1st Half Competition 2014 – 2nd Place Wedding Details
WPPA Print Competition 2014 – 1st Place Non Wedding CategoryJ&MY_WC (1)J&MY_WC (5)J&MY_WC (12)J&MY_WC (44)J&MY_WC (49)J&MY_WC (68)J&MY_WC (24)J&MY_WC (36)J&MY_WC (10)J&MY_WC (58)J&MY_WC (59)J&MY_WC (63)J&MY_WC (73)J&MY_WC (92)J&MY_WC (95)J&MY_WC (99)J&MY_WC (109)J&MY_WC (111)J&MY_WC (112)J&MY_WC (115)J&MY_WC (118)J&MY_WC (125)J&MY_WC (128)J&MY_WC (159)J&MY_WC (157)J&MY_WC (135)J&MY_WC (136)J&MY_WC (142)J&MY_WC (148)J&MY_WC (382)J&MY_WC (151)J&MY_WC (198)J&MY_WC (204)J&MY_WC (202)J&MY_WC (212)J&MY_WC (215)J&MY_WC (218)J&MY_WC (228)J&MY_WC (232)J&MY_WC (242)J&MY_WC (244)J&MY_WC (249)J&MY_WC (256)J&MY_WC (438)J&MY_WC (261)J&MY_WC (266)J&MY_WC (269)J&MY_WC (288)J&MY_WC (298)J&MY_WC (315)J&MY_WC (325)J&MY_WC (329)J&MY_WC (343)J&MY_WC (346)J&MY_WC (351)J&MY_WC (365)J&MY_WC (373)J&MY_WC (380)J&MY_WC (387)J&MY_WC (394)J&MY_WC (398)J&MY_WC (400)J&MY_WC (406)J&MY_WC (425)J&MY_WC (435)J&MY_WC (441)J&MY_WC (447)J&MY_WC (451)J&MY_WC (461)J&MY_WC (472)J&MY_WC (494)J&MY_WC (496)J&MY_WC (497)J&MY_WC (517)J&MY_WC (518)J&MY_WC (519)J&MY_WC (520)J&MY_WC (528)J&MY_WC (530)J&MY_WC (527)J&MY_WC (533)J&MY_WC (534)J&MY_WC (535)J&MY_WC (537)J&MY_WC (539)A5D39447J&MY_WR (76)J&MY_WR (114)J&MY_WR (5)J&MY_WR (18)J&MY_WR (14)J&MY_WR (35)J&MY_WR (285)J&MY_WR (291)J&MY_WR (38)J&MY_WR (47)J&MY_WR (53)J&MY_WR (59)J&MY_WR (302)J&MY_WR (68)J&MY_WR (316)J&MY_WR (72)J&MY_WR (116)J&MY_WR (320)J&MY_WR (347)J&MY_WR (220)J&MY_WR (234)J&MY_WR (356)J&MY_WR (351)J&MY_WR (248)J&MY_WR (365)J&MY_WR (261)J&MY_WR (270)

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