Mission COMPLETE – Peggy & Shin Thian

Would like to thanks Ray Eoh for inviting me to shoot for this 2 young & energetic future teacher :P Yes i repeat again they are future TEACHER!!This is my very first graduation portrait i’ve done so far and its kinda fun and excited as shooting together with a bunch of crazy photobug. A big congratulation for both of them again !! We manage to shoot for almost 2 hours plus under the hot sun. Too bad i was not allow to shoot in the library as i was wearing slippers and shots :P Well here are some highlights for the day …

*Shooting buddies*
Ray ,Derick ,Raymond , Auwen

Here comes the photos …. tadaaaaaaa Hope you all like it :)

IMG_2271 copy
IMG_0008 copy
IMG_0028 copy
IMG_0046 copy
IMG_0018 copy
IMG_0041 copy
IMG_2175 copy
IMG_0120 copy
IMG_2157 copy
IMG_2205 copy
IMG_0193 copy
IMG_2217 copy
IMG_0218 copy
IMG_0246 copy
IMG_2265 copy
IMG_2321 copy
IMG_2266 copy
Untitled-1 copy
IMG_0266 copy
IMG_2300 copy

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