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From time to time we get similar questions regarding wedding photography and how it all works. On this page, we will try to answer as much as we can. But if you have questions yet to be answered here, just drop us an email.

Q: What are the advantages of hiring a professional?
A: Hiring someone who has vast experience in wedding photography to shoot your wedding day or wedding portraits is beneficial because they have attended and covered photography for many weddings, so they will be timely, efficient, and is at ease at your wedding or photography shooting. Professional photographers will know what to expect and what is required, and they will know what the right moments that produce the best results are. Furthermore, they will have the right equipment and professional standards of prints that gives you satisfactory results, making your investments on photographer worth will.

Q: Where are you based?
A: We are a Penang, Malaysia based photographer company.

Q: What is your photography style?
Alextan Artworks photography style is Classic . Artistic . Dramatic. A photography concept that provides emotional and sophisticated pieces of art produced from ones’ feelings, giving it a timeless quality that last eternally. You should visit our galleries [Categories] for samples of Classic . Artistic . Dramatic photography.

Q: How do we book you?
To book our schedule for your wedding photography, you can drop us an email via the enquiry form at Contact Us [link to /contact-us/]. Please do note that all bookings are based on first come first serve basis and to confirm your booking a minimum deposit of 30% charges based on the photography package that you have selected will be required.

Q: Do you travel for photography?
A: We do travel locally or to anywhere you wish to fly us to for photography.

Q: Do you charge for travel?
For couples who book us for overseas destination wedding, our travelling expenses should be covered by the couples, which should also include accommodation expenses. Same goes to actual wedding at oversea or ground transportation for outstation weddings.
For accommodation, we prefer to bump in together with couples in the same location or at least near vicinity to ensure better communication with the couples. This is to build connection with the couples to have a more productive photography session, which will bring better photography results.  To create a collection of good photographs, the communication between couples and photographer is crucial. We will be able to understand the couples, which helps us in better guiding and advising couples during the photography session. Couples will understand our instructions and guidance better during the photography session. It does not just ease the entire session, but also enable the photographer to get a good photography results. Eventually, this gives you more satisfying results in the photos you get.

Q: Do you offer videography?
A: Currently, our services do not extend to videography. However, we do provide recommendation of videography vendors. Please check the partner list on Our Partner  page.

Q: Do you offer albums?
A: We have various types of albums that are included in our packages offered. You may browse the sample album at our Products page.

Q: Who chooses the photographs in the album?
A: For wedding day photography, the album layout is designed by Alextan Artworks, hence the contents of the album is also decided by us. For wedding portraits photography, you may choose to select the photographs in the album or you may leave work to us and we will design a good collection of photos suitable for an album for you.

Q: Other than the website, do you have additional samples of your wedding photography?
A: We may not add all photographs on our website and we do not instantaneously update our website with latest photography work all the time, hence it is advisable for you to come visit us at our gallery if you are interested to view more or latest samples. Call us anytime to schedule a meet up at +6012 403 7172 (Alex Tan), or email us at

Q: What should I look out for when I am looking at photographer’s sample photographs?
A: When you are hunting for photographers, it is always advisable to check for their photography style and concept. This is to ensure their style suits you. For Alextan Artworks, you can always chat with us, let us know the type of photography you are looking for and see if we can fulfill your needs.
A good photographer can work with almost any outdoor lighting situation without using flash, hence you should watch out for overuse of on-camera flash that can ruin wedding photos. You should watch out for the lighting quality which should be natural and flattering, so that the pictures look three-dimensional. You would want photos that tell the story simply, with immediate impact and as if the photographer was not even there. Hence, you should check out different shots, like close-up shots, distant images, and with different mediums in the photos.
At Alextan Artworks, we simply want you to feel comfortable and able to accept what we can offer you. Our photography is not just purely about shooting and getting the images produce. Photography is about storytelling, retelling your stories in still-images, freezing the special moments—that sweet smiles shared between you and your beloved, the tears of joy in celebration of your love, the loving touch of your beloved—in photos that will be your memorable collections for all time. Hence, to us the connection between you and our photographers is important.

Q: When is it best to schedule our engagement portrait?
Typically, it is advisable that you schedule your engagement portrait with us three(3) months in advance. If you have specific schedule that is rather packed or less than the advisable time frame, you can still contact us and we shall work it out to fit in your schedule.

Q: Have you shot weddings from other cultures?
We have shot weddings from various cultures and countries, to name a few there were Bangladeshi, Indians, Malays, Chinese, Royalties, Fusions (where bride and groom are from different cultures or countries), and Westerns (where there are Church ceremonies or / and receptions)

Q: Should we provide you with a meal at the reception?
Oh yes, definitely. We work better with filled tummy, hence we prefer meals before the reception begins. This is also because we do not wish to sit with the guests and enjoying our meals during the ceremony, where usually the best instances happen.

Q: Is a deposit required to hold my wedding date?
A deposit of 30% charges based on the photography package you have selected is required to confirm your booking. All bookings are based on first come first serve basis.

Q: When is my final payment due?
The final payment, which is the remaining charges of your selected package after deducting the deposit, is expected upon the receipt of the promised goods.

Q: What happens after I pay my deposit?
Once we have received your deposit payment, we will acknowledge the receipt of your payment via email with the confirmation of your booking date. Also included will be a contract that will require your signature in agreement to our terms and condition. Please review the contents of the contract and sign accordingly, then send us the signed copy via email. Subsequently, upon receipt of your signed contract, there shall be minimally two meet up sessions arranged accordingly. The purpose of the meet up sessions is mainly an ice breaking session, follow by understanding your needs and discussing the plan. For clients from overseas or outstation, we can always have the sessions over Skype or other type of suitable online communication method.

Q: What happens if it rains on my wedding day?
There shall always be a backup plan, which should have been discussed upfront prior to your wedding day. There are also other possible scenarios that requires backup plan. We will definitely do our very best not do delay or postpone any photography shoots.
Just to assure you, on one of our worst experienced situations was when we met with an accident on our way to the wedding day photography shoots, fortunately we still managed to proceed with the photography on the wedding with no delay shootings.

Q: Is your wedding package flexible?
Our wedding package services offered are not flexible per se. However, we do provide customized wedding assignments. You can always contact us for further discussions email us at, or call us at +6012 403 7172 (Alex Tan).

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